Five Date Ideas If You’re In The Austin Area

TGTAC / Saturday, March 9th, 2019
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If you’re like me, you like to plan. Whether that’s a five-year plan, a life plan, a career plan, or a plan for your love life… you just love some good organization. And when it comes to date night, you’re no different. You like something thought out, heartfelt, that you can tell is personalized to you. Well, leave the planning to the ladies of TGTAC for one night. We’ve come up with a few date night ideas in the Austin area. From laid back to fancy, we’ve got something for you.

  1. The Fancy Date
    • Start off with some signature cocktails at The Driskill. Try the Batini, the self-proclaimed “official drink of Austin” and hang out in the cozy Driskill Bar. Your date will surely ooh and ahh at this fancy and beautiful Austin establishment that’s been open since 1887.
    • Next, have a fancy ass dinner at Bob’s Steak and Chop House. I’m sorry to call it “fancy ass” but I honestly don’t know how else to describe it. Don’t skimp out on this one. Really go all out. I mean…  appetizer, meal, and freakin’ dessert. When I went here for Valentine’s Day one year, my guy and I got some sort of brownie magic and I thought I was going to melt in my chair. Seriously, even if you just get dessert here, you won’t be disappointed. Aside from the wonderful food, the restaurant itself has a warm, romantic environment that screams date night.
    • After you’re done filling up on some deliciousness, have an after dinner drink at Truluck’s. With nightly entertainment from 6pm-10pm most nights, you’ll be able to wind down in a cozy environment with a cocktail called “The Fireside Chat.”
    • End the night with a cup of coffee at Halcyon. Nothing too fancy here. Just a cute little coffee shop tucked away on 4th Street. Grab a latte, sit on a comfortable seat, and close out the night with some late night conversation.
  2. The All Day Date
    • I’m going to start out by saying this isn’t my idea of a first date, okay? This date idea is meant to be like freakin’ 12 hours long or something like that. Also, with some of the activities to follow, you’ll want to know a little bit about your sig-o’s likes and dislikes. Okay. Let’s hit it. First, start with a hike at the 360 Bridge. Located off the Capital of Texas Highway, this bridge will give you a beautiful view of Lake Austin. Make sure to get there a little early since parking is limited!
    • Next, take a hike on the Greenbelt. Yeah, the “hike” up and down the bridge is pretty short. So, spend the day hiking along the Greenbelt to see what beauty Austin has to offer you.
    • After all that hiking, you’re going to be ho-o-o-ot. Okay? So head down to Barton Springs Pool for a dip. Personally, I’d opt for the paid side versus the free side but either one will do. You can lay out and chat with each other or hang out in the wonderful water whose temperature ranges from 68-70 degrees year round.
    • After all that work you’ve done, you’re going to want to grab a bite. Get some delicious eats at Shady Grove. This food is made for relaxing. Delicious, delicious, fattening, relaxing. Mhm. Whether you want a green chile something or some homestyle meatloaf, Shady Grove has the eats for you.
    • End the night on East 6th for drinks. Not to be confused with Dirty 6th! East 6th is a little cleaner, a little fancier, but still a great place to drink the rest of the night away. Wind down with some free pool at Shangri-la or dive bar it up at The Library. Either way, make sure you and your date make it home safely after this long ass date we just planned for you.
  3. The Casual Date
    • The classic dinner and a movie. First things first, grab a bite in the Domain. One of my favorite laid back dates is going to Kona Grill happy hour. Eat some sushi, grab some drinks, and have delicious dessert. They have happy hour from 2pm-7pm and then again from 9pm to close. So, your chances of getting there during happy hour are pretty good.
    • Then, catch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sit back, relax, get a five dollar milkshake and watch a kick ass action film. Yeah, action. Don’t be cliche and take your date to see some sappy rom-com. Take them to see an old classic on replay at the Drafthouse instead! OR, if you want to look like a total freakin’ badass, take them to a sing along or quote along! YES. 80’s sing along date? That’s my kind of date!
    • After, get drinks at the Hideout. It’s a bit of a drive but it’s worth it to get to a longstanding Austin dive bar that’s tucked away behind the MoPac. Grab a beer, hang out, play some games, and just get to know each other. Like I said, this date is meant to be laid back. It’s a good way to hang out with each other with minimal pressure.
  4. The Entertainment Date
    • This date idea is my favorite, personally. First, start with happy hour at Parkside. The window here is slim since their happy hour is only from 5pm-6:30pm. But the ambiance of this restaurant is fancy but cozy. The drinks and apps are ½ off for happy hour. So grab an Old Fashioned and some ceviche to start out your night.
    • Next, be entertained at Esther’s Follies. I love this place. I cannot emphasize that enough. I am a sucker for cheesy comedy and Esther’s Follies is the cheesiest. They put on little skits, sing, dance, and even have a magician. At some point in the show, they include one lucky person in the audience. When I went with my guy, he was the lucky duck that went on stage. Make sure you sit in front so you can get a clear view of the show and hopefully get picked to go on stage!
    • After the show, move a couple of doors down and get drinks at Pete’s Piano Bar. With two pianos and songs by request, you’re sure to be entertained by the pianists here. Well known for being the site of many a bachelorette party, there’s never a dull night at Pete’s. Make sure to grab a tequila shot that you can shoot straight into your mouth from a syringe!
    • End the night with some fast food to help prevent tomorrow’s hangover. Personally, I love a Texas classic and will usually hit up Whataburger since it’s open 24 hours. But, do whatever makes you happy and decreases your hangover!
  5. The Day Date
    • Start with some coffee at Mozart’s. Not only does this place have delicious coffee and pastries, but the view is amazing. If the weather permits, make sure you sit outside and enjoy the water.
    • Next, see the view at Mount Bonnell. This is another short hike that is beautiful during the day. Park near the stairs and climb up to the top. There you’ll find a great view of Lake Austin. You can find somewhere to grab a seat and look at the water, the outlandish houses, and the beautiful surrounding hills. From other points of Mount Bonnell, you can also see a view of downtown Austin.
    • End the night by grabbing a bite to eat at Madam Mam’s. Known for it’s delicious Thai food, Madam Mam’s is the perfect bit to grab after you’ve been out all day. Make sure to start with some chicken satay… it’s fantastic!

I hope these date ideas are helpful and reduce the stress of having to plan. All of these are dates that either I or Kelsi have been on and enjoyed. Make sure to leave some feedback or e-mail us your great date ideas at

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