Diary of a Formerly Oily Girly


Preventative skin care is the fountain of youth. Not really, but it is the key to looking young for a very very long time. I used to have oily skin when I was younger, and I hated it. I did everything I could to “dry up” my skin. This was a terrible, no good mistake. […]

December 10, 2023

hour of the insomniac


It’s 2:23 am. I have to work in the morning… But my brain is loud. It’s practically screaming. And there isn’t necessarily anything important in there. It’s just… thoughts. Am I a good mom? Am I a good wife? Why does my right hip always hurt no matter how much I stretch? Do I look […]

December 1, 2023

sometimes it’s buried deep


But a tiny voice whispers in my mind, “You are lost, hope is gone, but you must go on and do the next right thing.” One foot in front of the other. Right then left. So simple, right? That’s a quote from Frozen 2. The scene where Olaf and Elsa are gone and Ana feels […]

November 25, 2023

Episode 30: This Is A Car Show Now

Hello! And welcome back to another episode of Two Girls Talking About Commitment! This week, Kelsi and Seaneila give the people what they’re looking for: An update on what’s to come for these two ladies and they’re relationships. Kelsi’s moving in with her beau. Is she worried? Seaneila is taking on a toddler and her […]

October 20, 2019

Episode 29: Revisiting Apartment 4D

Hello! And welcome back to another episode of Two Girls Talking About Commitment! Kelsi and Seaneila revisit the loft dwellers of Apartment 4D. AKA, they talk about New Girl… again. See why Seaneila changed her tune about Nick and Jess’ relationship. And see how the girls feel about Cece and Schmidt. Are they in agreement […]

October 13, 2019

Episode 27: When You Say You’re Fine But You’re Not *Really* Fine

You guys… WELCOME BACK! This week is soo so exciting for TGTAC because not only did the girls do a bomb episode buuuut there’s a blooper reel at the end! First ever! So, no game this week… but make sure you stay until the very end for some pure madness. Follow us on Instagram:@twogirlstalkingaboutcommitment@kelsibre@seaneila Send […]

September 5, 2019

Episode 26: How To Get Along When You’re Not Getting Along

What’s up, Party People?! This week the girls talk about what it’s like to be in a long term relationship, living together, and be fighting. It doesn’t always have to be terrible. Trust the girls, they’ve been there, done that. Kelsi & Seaneila give some tips and tricks on how to survive in harmony. Stay […]

August 29, 2019

Episode 25: New Girl In Town

Welcome back to the party! This week Kelsi and Seaneila try something new. Instead of dealing with their own lives, the girls deal with TV couple Nick & Jess from New Girl. They focus mostly on the episode titled “Coach” but there are definitely many things to talk about with this couple. Stay until the […]

August 22, 2019

Episode 24: Move-In Too Fast

Hello! And welcome back to another episode of Two Girls Talking About Commitment! Kelsi and Seaneila take the time to talk about making the decision to move in with your sig-o. How soon is too soon? Should you move in for convenience sake? These questions and more on this episode of TGTAC! Stay until the […]

August 15, 2019

Episode 23: I Can Confidently Say…

Hey, guys! This week, the girls talk about confidence and self esteem in relationships! We all know this can get hairy. Like, can I ask for reassurance? How much is too much? The girls talk about their own experiences and what it is to be “humbly confident.” Stay until the end for another round of […]

August 8, 2019