Diary of a Formerly Oily Girly

TGTAC / Sunday, December 10th, 2023
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Preventative skin care is the fountain of youth. Not really, but it is the key to looking young for a very very long time. I used to have oily skin when I was younger, and I hated it. I did everything I could to “dry up” my skin. This was a terrible, no good mistake. All that did was make my skin freaking oilier. So I went to Sephora. And that girl who worked at Sephora told me something v v interesting. I had DRY skin. I told her she must be an idiot sandwich because my skin was so so oily.

But, what was actually happening was that I kept drying my skin out trying to fight the oiliness. So I decided to work with it instead. I followed a combo that went something like this:

Skincare Routine That Healed My Oily Skin:
Wash- Anything “gentle” or “hydrating”
Serum- ANYTHING with Niacinamide or Hyaluronic Acid
Eye Cream- I haven’t necessarily found a “holy grail” but I do love something hydrating
Facial Oil- I love the Sunday Riley Juno Facial Oil or Farmacy Honey Grail
Gel moisturizer in the AM- I love the Farmacy Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer or the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow
Hydrating mask overnight moisturizer for the PM – Glow Recipe used to have an avocado one that I absolutely loved but I don’t know if they make it anymore.

Also, skincare brands that I’m fond of:
*Glow Recipe
*Sunday Riley
*Youth to the People

Over the years, my skin has really shifted from oily to combination and I love that for me. I loved the journey to figure out what my skin needed to feel nourished. I feel like my skin is just as plump and youthful as it was 10 years ago. So if you’re an oily girl, there may be a chance that your skin is over reacting to being dry. I think, for me, adding a facial oil and overnight mask really changed the skincare game for me.

Some things to avoid when trying to care for your skin:
*Harsh toners (Some toners are okay, but be sparing)
*Overwhelming your skin with too many serums or skincare products (One of each works best, in my opinion – I.E. one serum, one eye cream, one oil, etc…)
*Make sure ingredients don’t clash
*DO NOT sleep with your makeup on

Skin care definitely takes time, devotion, and patience. I don’t have the most amazing skin by any means but I definitely have pretty good skin, compared to how it used to be. Just remember that you are perfect. You are beautiful. You are amazing, just the way you are. And if you’re making any life changes, with your skin or anything else, do it for you. So you can love yourself. And fuck everyone else.

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